We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of your business management system.

We recognise that a software system is typically not the solution itself. Its introduction must be accompanied by a range of complementary professional services, skilfully delivered with due regard for organisational culture, client expectations and change management to ensure a smooth transition from old to new systems.

System Install & Configuration

To help you kick-start the adoption and adjustment process we can help with:

  • All aspects of hardware and software installation.
  • Configuration of user preferences (accounting, stock, pricing policies, automated tasks, system generated emails, etc.).
  • Data imports from third party applications.
  • Integration with third party applications.


Training modules cover solution architecture, system features, regular functions, and internal controls with the depth of information determined by you.

Our workshops are trainee driven and fully customised to suit your operational needs. Elements of the software install and configuration can also be added to training.

Long Distance Training Options
CIBIS, the software development company behind Xpect, is based in Newcastle, NSW.

We have a client base that includes many interstate businesses and organisations. Distance training by webinar or online conferencing is readily available. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.