Website & Member Portal

Create more value for your members by driving online transactions and interactions.

Xpect Version 6 incorporates an improved Content Management System and Member Portal. Automate routine administration by giving your members or customers secure access to control contact details, manage subscriptions, register for events, make online payments, and more.

Member Portal Features

  • Create various member types and control access permissions, or special pricing.
  • Collect payments online and automatically reconcile them.
  • Member profiles with custom fields for different types.
  • Member Directory with optional multimedia uploading.
  • Customisable contact filters for highly targeted e-marketing.
  • Build dynamic forms for event registration, surveys, voting polls.
  • Accept payments and donations online.
  • Generate targeted leads via integrated and configurable website Calls to Action.
  • Uncompromised privacy & security of member data.

Run multiple marketing campaigns without the hassle or expense of outsourcing to third parties. Track readership, conversions, and sales revenue attributable to your email campaigns all within one integrated solution.

Private or Public Member Portal

Setup your own secure administrative system for comprehensive membership management that saves you time.

Create value for members by enabling networking through private or public directories, and keep everyone in the loop with targeted mailing lists.

DIY Content Management

Complete control over your online information is here. Self-manage your organisation's static website, Member Portal, or Advanced eCommerce site.

Our improved CMS has more editable regions, unlimited templates, and improved preview capabilities. Now you can effortlessly generate new content, promote specials, and invite interaction as often as you like. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Xpect CMS!

Publishing Permissions & Version Control

Set permissions for member-created content and staff publishing rights.

Xpect puts you in control of approving pages before publishing, and includes a full audit trail and version control to roll back to previous versions if needed.