Head Office Control

Timely, accurate information is key to the successful operation of your business.

With Xpect's fully integrated system, you've got the advantage of 360-degree visibility across your entire organisation. Transactional information captured in one module is filtered across the entire system, automatically updating records where necessary.

System Administration

Xpect incorporates a powerful, yet easy to learn, centralised management system.

With a host of user-definable preferences and security configuration options, you have full control over the access permissions of various staff.

Setup up standard roles and then assign staff to these roles. There are over 1000 ways to profile your staff to control access to system functions.

You can also assign staff to a ‘group’ and then assign permissions to the group to ensure consistency.

Flexible Banking Models Supported

Accept payments into different bank accounts based on location of sale and/or payment types.

Run branches as completely separate profit centres - even divide your payments from each credit card into its own account if desired.

Detailed Transactions Tracking

All transactions are recorded in detail (with a unique ID, date, time, location, and sales person's notes) for review or audit, dating back to the day you started with Xpect.

All dockets are also stored, to be viewed or reprinted at any time.

Business Performance Diagnostics

Xpect puts comprehensive knowledge of your organisation's operational and financial performance at your fingertips.

Our advanced tasks function maintains a series of diagnostic checks, run periodically and set to alert you of items requiring attention.

Make Better Decisions, Faster

With the ability to analyse system-wide data in a central location, you can interpret trends and position yourself and your team to make better decisions faster.

Greater Pricing Control

Setup price changes for specific stores, all stores, or your online store in advance. Price changes are applied automatically on your chosen date/time.